Velloflex® Original Magnetic Mattress Topper

Velloflex® Original Magnetic Mattress Topper


Comfortable and high quality mattress topper containing Velloflex® unique magnetic system. It has a wool side (winter) and a cotton side (summer).

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The Magnetic Mattress Topper has the most extensive magnetic system of all Velloflex® products with a magnetic layer consisting of a total of 495 magnetic fields. It is manufactured with a continuous layer of 9 pieces Velloflex® original magnetic tape and is reinforced in the neck and hip area with two Velloflex Delta® magnetic strips (a combination of technology in Velloflex® Original magnet and neodymium magnets).

Velloflex® magnets are patented for its circular magnetic technology and a CE registered medical device. To use we suggest you put your magnetic mattress topper on top of your regular mattress and cover with a bed sheet. It is possible to turn the mattress the way you find most comfortable, either with the wool side up or cotton side up. The effect is the same.


The mattress topper contains wool and should never be washed in the washing machine. It’s fine to wash it gently by hand with the aid of suitable wool detergent. Hang it and then let it air dry.


2-year warranty on the mattress and 30-year warranty on the magnets.

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