Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

Signe Olsen

Chronic pain has been a part of my life for many years. After a period of Velloflex® I felt better, I had less pain and my body felt softer. Read more…

Since a young age Signe Olsen has lived an active life. She has always liked to be active and tried many different sports. But pretty soon Signe realised that her body did not work as it should. “Chronic pain has been a part of my life for many years” explained Signe and she told us how it affected her everyday life. “I wanted to keep a positive attitude towards life and to continue to swim, ride a bike and take long walks” But it had to be done at my own speed. The pain also brought a sense of fatigue and exhaustion.

Everything to gain

About a year ago she read an article about Velloflex®. Like so many in my situation I was open to try everything. Already after a few days Signe felt much better. “I had less pain and felt softer”* among other things I discovered that I could walk three flights of stairs without being totally exhausted afterwards.

Everybody should try

Signe’s convictions regarding the positive effects from the magnets grew when she a while ago changed to a bed without a magnetic mattress topper and her pain returned.

“Of course I cannot promise that it will work for everybody but the effect has been so great for me that I encourage all to give it a go and try for themselves”.

Josephine Olsson

I had an understanding that not everyone would notice any difference at first, but I noticed right away that something was happening. For me it was a pleasant and comfortable feeling. After a short while the pain decreased and I was able to relax in a new way. It was amazing. Read more…

Josephine is a happy and positive girl who chose to have an active lifestyle. That her body was able to keep up with her lifestyle choices she took for granted. Josephine worked out regularly and did not realise how lucky she was the 46 year old from Stockholm tells us. All that changed 9 years ago. In connection with my pregnancy I suffered from constant lower back pain that refused to go away, Josephine explains. The pain zapped my strength and I had less energy for my family and friends. My desire to workout got a nasty shock and I did not see the point because I knew how awful the body would feel the next day after the training session.

Positively surprised

When Josephine used her Velloflex® mattress topper for the first time she was pleasantly surprised. “I had understood that not everyone will feel much difference at first but I noticed right away that something was happening”. Gradually Josephine experienced how her pain was alleviated by her mattress topper. “For me it was a pleasant and comfortable feeling” After a while the pain had diminished and I was able to relax in a new way, – it was amazing.

Today, it is three years since Josephine discovered Velloflex®. “Velloflex® was the difference that I needed and I am still as happy. Velloflex® is an excellent supplement that really is worth trying if you suffer from pain. I myself could not imagine to be without my Velloflex® mattress topper.

* Clinical studies have shown that the patented Bioflex® -magnet have a slight analgesic effect. Studies on the use of individual Velloflex® products and pain relief has not yet been done.

Nordic Wellbeing Ltd is very proud of all Velloflex® magnetic products but it does not infer that magnetic therapy is intended to replace medical advise or prescriptions. Nordic Wellbeing Ltd does not diagnose, prescribe or make any medical claims relating to the use of Velloflex® magnetic products. No guarantee of effectiveness is made by Nordic Wellbeing.Ltd regarding the use of magnetic therapy products, as individual results may vary from person to person.