Questions and Answers

How will my order be delivered?

Where can I buy Velloflex® magnetic products?

From our web shop. or by phone on number 0203 904 7004. We are open for phone orders and customer service Monday-Friday 11.00 – 15.00.

I have metal implants implanted in my body. Can I use Velloflex® magnets?

There are no known risks associated with magnet therapy and implants. Moreover, most of the metals used in implants is not magnetic. Although it is safe to use magnets with this condition, the magnets can react differently with different alloys. If you experience any discomfort using the magnets we recommend that you stop using the magnetic therapy product.

Are there any side effects?

Generally, side-effects are minimal and often more common in women than men. Initially, some customers may feel a slight dizziness, discomfort or tiredness, and experience one or more of these symptoms until an adaptation of the magnetic field is established. If discomfort is experienced, you may need to allow your body to gradually get used to the magnets by using the magnetic product for short periods initially.

Is it safe to travel with magnetic products?

At the security check at the airport you go through a metal detector and your hand luggage go through an x-ray. The x-ray use an electromagnetic energy that is so weak that it cannot influence or affect neither belongings or travellers nor magnetic products you may travel with. The radiation used is weaker than what we are exposed to in our natural environment. Magnets do not interfere with alarms, detectors or navigation on board the aeroplane.

Can I replace my doctors prescribed drugs with magnetic therapy?

Magnet therapy is an alternative medical treatment and should not replace tradition medical treatment or medical prescriptions. If you show signs of illness and injury you should always consult your doctor

Can I use a electric blanket together with my Velloflex® magnetic mattress?

Yes you can use a electric blanket along with your magnetic mattress topper. The mattress topper can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees.

Can I tumble dry Velloflex® magnetic products?

Never tumble dry any Velloflex® magnetic products. Velloflex® magnets cannot withstand the heat tumble dryers give out. The magnets will dry and crack in the heat. Hang drying is recommended.

How long should I use the magnetic therapy product?

You can use the magnetic therapy product as long as you like and feel comfortable. There is no, know, maximum limit of use.

Can I use a mattress protector over my Velloflex® magnetic mattress?

Yes, mattress protector is fine to use over your Velloflex® magnetic mattress topper. However we advise against using thicker mattresses topper over your magnetic mattress topper since the distance between the magnets and your body will be too wide.

How long will it take before I can feel the effects from the Velloflex® magnetic products?

We are all different and individual. Some people feel the difference after a just a few hours and others will feel the effect after several weeks. According to a large Japanese study 80% of 431 participants felt the effect from magnetic therapy within a few days.

I am pregnant, can the magnets affect my unborn child?

We do not recommend using magnetic therapy while being pregnant because there is no scientific study available on the use of magnet therapy during pregnancy.

Can BIOflex® magnets lose their strength?

BIOflex® magnets are designed for long and frequent use. The BIOflex® magnets will not lose their strength if used correctly. BIOflex® magnets should not be exposed to strong electric radiation (radiation stronger than normally found inside the home) or high temperatures above 80 degrees. Velloflex® has 30 years power warranty on the magnets.

What are BIOflex® magnets made off?

BIOflex® magnets are made of a combination of ferrite under a matrix of polyethylene.

What is Gauss?

The strength of a magnetic field is measured in Gauss or Tesla. 1 Tesla corresponds to 10,000 Gauss. Therapy magnets are often measured in Gauss. Magnetic therapy products use a strength between a few hundred to several thousand Gauss. By comparison the earth’s natural magnetic field is about 0.5-1 Gauss and a common fridge magnet use about 10 Gauss. In medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) the static field is usually about 1.5 Tesla or 15 000 Gauss.


Velloflex® Original Magnetic Mattress (cotton/wool)
Hand wash at 30 degrees. Use detergent for wool and drip dry. Do not tumble dry.

Velloflex® Comfort Magnetic Mattress (cotton/Cotton)
Can be washed in washing machine at 40 degrees with normal detergent. Drip dry. Do not tumble dry.

Velloflex® Memory Plus Magnetic Pillow
Outer pillow can be machine washed at 40 degrees. Please take inner pillow out before washing. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry only.