Norway trial

Our Velloflex® colleagues in Norway have conducted a Velloflex® mattress topper trial and we are very pleased to be able to share their results. 29 people took part in this trial and below you can find out what they had to say.

These are the trial participants’ opinion on mattress toppers.

Does the magnetic mattress toppers keep what they promise? Can a mattress topper really help with various body problems? Here you get the answers!

29 participants have tested Velloflex’s magnetic mattress during the summer vacation, and now the time has come for them to give their judgment and honest opinion!

Does the mattress keep what it promises? And can a mattress topper really help various bodily wear and tear issues? How are the products described by the study participants.

Velloflex® magnetic mattress toppers: The magnets in the Velloflex® mattress toppers are based on an efficient and revolutionary technique. Circular BIOflex® magnets creates multiple polar exchanges, and it is precisely this switch between the poles that stimulates the body and increases the movement of the blood. And the result? Less pain, better sleep, softer muscles, less stress in the body and increased wellbeing.

Much less disturbed nights sleep now, and I am not so stiff when I wake up and feel more refreshed. Amazing!” » Velloflex® study participant

IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY: 60 percent of test participants experienced better sleep quality after sleeping on the Velloflex® magnetic mattress toppers. Photo: Velloflex®

Improved mattress sleep quality? And did the test pilots get more energy?

Of all test participants, 60 percent say they experienced sleeping better on a Velloflex® magnetic mattress topper and 60 percent also say they feel that they have a little or much more energy after one night on a Velloflex® mattress topper.

“In the first few days I felt a bit of tingling in my legs. After almost 3 weeks of use, the good effects began to be felt. Having Fibromyalgia and waking a lot during the night, I have less disturbed sleep. I am much less awake during the night and I am less stiff when I wake up and feel more refreshed. Absolutely amazing! “Tells one of the test participants.

Another says that:

“I have a lot better sleep quality and take the mattress topper everywhere.”


Since the test pilot selection includes people with more or less sever ailments, it also varies widely what the mattress topper has helped with, but one thing most people mention is that they feel more refreshed.


“I feel more refreshed. Because of my diagnosis, I do not want to say that I feel softer for example, but I have noticed improvements in my sleep quality and it makes me feel more alert and having overall better wellbeing. It’s good not to use the the electric blanket all year round now. “


BETTER BLOOD CIRCULATION: The test pilots also found that they became warmer in the body and that blood circulation improved. Photo: Velloflex®

“I felt the warmth right away”

In addition to improving sleep quality and generally feeling more refreshed, 60 percent say they feel warmer and blood circulation improved after they started sleeping on the Velloflex® mattress topper.

“We have tested the mattress topper and are very pleased. The magnets start to work when you lie down. You feel warm and good in your body and in your legs”. This test participant gets support from another test member. “I feel the warmth right away. From the time I lie down it takes 5-6 minutes. Really noticeable difference with regard to the warmth in the legs. “


For sleep problems, the mattress toppers were unique

All in all, the magnetic mattress toppers worked differently from person to person, and from one health issue to another. While some did not experience the big improvements during the test period, others felt the mattress topper was ideal for their ailments:

“For sleep problems, the mattress was unique compared to everything else I’ve

tried. Unfortunately, for other ailments there was no effect yet, but would point out that with better sleep, my everyday life became a bit better. All in all, one could say that the mattress had an effect on my health. “Says one of the test participant. Another tells us that their rigid and stiff body is not recognisable:

“I’ve always woken up with a stiff body and now I’m not stiff in my body. Very happy with it. ” “Both my cohabitant and I are very surprised at the result. We had no knowledge of the product before, but signed up as a test pilot when I saw that one could get better sleep, less pain, etc … One is always a little skeptical about whether it works, in this case the mattress has helped me very much!” Says another.