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Magnet therapy

Humans have evolved in harmony with the earth’s natural magnetic field, which has been proven to be essential for our well-being. For thousands of years magnets have been used medicinally to alleviate pain and discomfort in human beings.

In recent years, several studies have been made which suggests that magnetic therapy can have a pain relieving capacity. Many health professionals consider magnetic therapy as a natural and side-effect free alternative medical treatment. Velloflex® magnet therapy products combines the world patented magnetic technology in BIOflex® with solid products of high quality. For your security Velloflex® products are always sold with generous warranties and excellent customer service, all to ensure that you can be very satisfied with your Velloflex® purchase.

Is our body magnetic?

Our earth is a huge magnet, with a North and South Pole. Magnetism is vital to all living organisms. Humans have millions of magnetic fields in our bodies, small weak internal magnetic fields, which control such functions as nerve impulses, heart rate and brain waves. Every cell in our body has its own electrical circuit. Nutrients and waste products are supplied and disposed of by ions-electrically charged particles. An example is the positively charged iron ion (F++) which is found within the haemoglobin inside our red blood cells. Its purpose is to bind oxygen molecules to themselves and carry oxygen from the lungs into the bloodstream and our body’s tissues and organs. Yes our body is full of magnetism and small electrical circuits.

What do we know about magnetic therapy’s effect?

We know that magnetic therapy has been used to promote health for thousands of years. Magnetic therapy was used frequently in the 1700s, but interest plummeted in step with advances in medicine. In recent decades, the method has come back into vogue, but now as an alternative medical treatment. Magnet therapy is classified as an alternative or complimentary medicine and is not a therapy that can replace traditional medical treatment. Human beings are individuals and respond differently to different treatments and that is the case with magnetic therapy as well. Some people have a huge effect from magnetic therapy and others less. There are no known side effects from using magnetic therapy products.

Do you suffer from any of these complaints?

There could be many reasons why you should put Velloflex® to the test. Do you suffer from any of these conditions?

● Sleep Problems
● Muscle or Joint Pain
● Poor Blood Circulation
● Cramps in Legs and Feet
● Tensions in the Body
● Back and Neck Problems
● Tension Headache
● Cold and Aching Feet

Magnet therapy boosts your blood flow and by doing so increase the amount of oxygen being carried around your body and the consequence from that is that your body’s capacity to revive, heal and rejuvenate itself is improved.

The most common reason why many start using Velloflex® mattress toppers is sleep problems. Sleep problems may in turn be caused by several factors such as tension, difficulty to relax or joint and muscle discomfort. Many users recount feelings of calmness, invigoration and warming of the body. Velloflex® can contribute to a more mobile and active life and physically active people may notice that their body gets better at recovering after exercise.

Why choose a Velloflex® product?

      Sweden’s bestselling mattress topper (magnetic product) – 40 000 sold in Scandinavia.
      Made of high quality materials.
       Efficient magnetic therapy because of its unique patented design.
       Comfortable and easy to use magnetic therapy products.
       The products have a comprehensive guarantee and long life.

Research and experience show the same results

In modern times there have been several international scientific studies of good quality which confirms an analgesic effect from magnetic therapy. The largest large scale study took place in three major hospitals in Japan. The study had 431 participants where 8 out of 10 patients experienced a positive effect – most within a few days[2].

A double blinded study on Bioflex® magnets were conducted in 2004. 30 people with soft tissue tenderness took part. Half of the focus group was given idle magnets and the other half Bioflex®-magnets with a strength of 450 Gauss. The magnets were applied to the sore areas and afterward the focus groups therapeutic effects was measured. On average the symptoms in the group with Bioflex® magnets halved, corresponding improvements was not recorded in the group that was given the inactive magnets[1].

Velloflex® Magnetic Therapy and BIOflex®Magnetic Technology

Our magnetic therapy is based on static, permanent magnets. All our products are made from the highest quality for maximum strength and durability. We have the internationally patented BIOflex® magnet in all our products, with its unique circular design. Our vision is quality products to good effect and safety for the user. We are constantly working on product development and improvement of our products. Our product will provide both proven result and comfort for the customer. We are generous with our guarantees and we welcome comments from our customers. BIOflex® magnets is CE classified as a medical device (EU) and is manufactured under high quality standards. The manufacturer is certified to ISO EN 9001 and EN 13485.

We have chosen to embed our BIOflex® magnetic technology into products that are easy to use so that everybody can benefit from them. The products are manufactured for daily and long term use, all so that the body can be kept continuously close and comfortable to the magnets. During the night by a magnet mattress topper or pillow and during the day by a magnetic support cast or insole.

The magnet technology is well thought out and placed strategically in the products. The distance between the body and the magnet is kept as short as possible for maximum effect. The comfort factor is high because the magnets are soft and cannot be felt during use. Magnetic therapy is effective regardless of location on the body due to its circular design, which also means that the magnet can be turned and rotated as you want.

We are interested in your experience of Velloflex®, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Click below to get the contact form or alternatively email us at

Unique magnetic technology

All Velloflex® products incorporates patented BIOflex® magnetic technology. The BIOflex® magnet is a CE registered medical device and its soft round design make it ideal for close body contact and thereby maximum effect. The magnet is measured in Gauss or Tesla. BIO flex® the brand was founded in 1986 and is considered a pioneer in magnetic therapy. This patented unique magnet is manufactured in Germany and is frequently used internationally especially in the USA, Canada and Japan. BIOflex® is a static and permanent magnet and optimized with the right strengths for maximum effect*.

* Clinical studies have shown that the patented Bioflex® -magnet have a slight analgesic effect. Studies on the use of individual Velloflex® products and pain relief has not yet been done.

Important with the right strength and construction

Studies on magnetic mattress toppers and punctual treatment with magnets show that both the strength of the magnetic field and number of pole shifts per magnet is of great importance. To ensure its usefulness, BIOflex’s® circular and clinically tested magnets have a strength between 500-1500 gauss and due to its circular shape have five polarity changes per magnet

  1. Charged particle (ions) in your blood are affected by the magnetic fields.
  2. The round patented BIOflex® magnet creates magnetic fields that alternately change directions.
  3. When your blood passes the magnetic fields it increases the movement which benefits the transportation oxygen and nutrition.

Why is BIOflex® magnets round?

Our blood vessels are not in a straight, parallel lines but in a complex network of different directions in our body. Because of that BIOflex’s® magnets are constructed so that the magnetic field is laid out circularly inside the magnet and henceforth more blood vessels will cross more magnetic fields of changing polarity. It is this unique structure which BIOflex® magnet is patented for.

The human vascular system is a complex network of blood vessels in different directions. BIOflex®magnets circular design means that the magnetic field is crossed, regardless of the blood vessels direction

The construction of Velloflex® original and Comfort magnetic mattress toppers.

The patented BIOflex® magnetic technology is placed inside the Velloflex® mattress topper with a well thought out and proven design to optimize both comfort and function. In a 90cm wide mattress there are a 495 magnetic fields from eleven magnetic strips. Two which are reinforced and they are placed by the large joint regions at the shoulders and hip/lower back for stronger effect. The mattress topper is a CE registered medical device

How to use Velloflex® mattress topper(s)

Velloflex® magnetic mattress topper(s) is designed for maximum efficiency and comfort and is made from high quality cotton satin which is Oeko-Tex certified. Magnetic strips are individually sewn into pockets within a layer of cotton so you are confident that they will not be moved from its place when the mattress topper is used, folded or washed. You place your Velloflex® magnetic mattress topper on top of your mattress and under a bed sheet. For the strong DELTA magnetic strips to be able to work on your shoulder and hip area it is important that the Velloflex® silk band is placed at the foot end.

Effects in the beginning of magnetic therapy

When you first start using magnetic therapy some small side effects are common while you get used to the new product and the magnetic therapy start to work. Women are more likely to feel these symptoms than men and they will go away when the body has adjusted to the magnetic therapy. If you have any symptoms it is a good advice to drink extra fluid in the first few weeks and gradually increase the time spent on the mattress topper. Do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions and concerns.

– Tingling sensation in the body – will usually subside after a few days.
– Exercise pain – this may be due to increased blood flow or a sign of a healing process and will usually subside after one or two weeks.
– Initially a few people may feel a slight dizziness, discomfort and fatigue. This will subside once the body has adapted to the magnetic fields.
– Increased production of urine and sweet production during the first nights. This is usually resolved after a few days.

We advise the following customers to consult a doctor before commencing with magnetic therapy

  • People with implanted medical implants, such as cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps, ICD and pain relieve pumps etc.
  • Pregnant women and young children.
  • People on very strong medication or after major surgery.

Our products are carefully manufactured with high demands on material selection and quality. If you would have any problems with your Velloflex® product, you are welcome to get in touch with us. You always have a two year warranty on materials and workmanship. Because we are confident in our

BIOflex® magnet we leave a full 30 year warranty on the power of the magnet. You do not need to worry that your Velloflex® magnetic therapy products should subside in function with age.

60 Day satisfied customer guarantee

We like all our customers to be satisfied with our products so we offer a satisfied customer guarantee for 60 days from the day of purchase. Should your Velloflex® product not give the desired effect or you are unhappy with your purchase you will be given a refund from us at Nordic Wellbeing. This guarantee applies to magnetic mattress toppers and our memory plus magnet pillow only.

2 year product warranty

Our products are carefully manufactured with high demands on material selection and quality. You always have a two-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any problems with your Velloflex® product.

30 Year power warranty on the magnets

Because we are confident in our Bioflex® magnet, we leave a full 30 year warranty on the power of the magnet. You do not need to worry that your Velloflex® magnets should subside in function with age.


We have proudly partnered with Fibromyalgia Association in Sweden for several years. We have carried out product test together and have thus been able to develop our products. Fibromyalgia Association in Sweden is a patient organization that has the aim of increasing understanding of Fibromyalgia and thereby help and support people affected by the disease. The association currently has more than 40 local associations around Sweden. Read more here

Labels and Certification

CE registered as medical device
Manufactured under high quality standards. The manufacturer is ISO certified EN 9001 and EN 13485. This means that the Bioflex® magnets comply with EU standards for medical equipment and that high standards of reliability and quality are imposed in the manufacturing process.


A health mark that means that the product contains no substances that are harmful to the end user. No requirement for organic farming or other requirements regarding climate, environment, function or quality. Refers to textile products and accessories such as buttons and zippers. Read more at

CertiPUR- US®

CertiPUR-US ® is a comprehensive certification for polyurethane foam. The foam is examined and undergoes a series of scientific tests to ensure it meets the standards required by CertiPUR-US® certification. The tests evaluate foam content and important sustainability factors. Read more at


Tencel is a natural material made of cellulose from fast-growing woods, including eucalyptus grown on sustainable forest plantations. The manufacturing process is gentle for the environment and as much as possible recycled and reused. The material is a functional material with many advantages, it is cool and soft to the skin and effectively transports moisture away. Read more at


  1. Bioelectromagnetics Society: 26th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, June 2004
  2. Summary of a 12 month Double Blind Clinical Test of Magnetic Mattrasses, 1990. Sanikukal Hospital, Tokyo Communication Hospital and Kouseikai Suzuki Hospital